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B-ball camps (not baby-sitting)




Basketball immersion with the concentration on ball-handling, shot creation, shooting, skill development and scrimmaging.  2018 will mark the 15th Annual Edge Summer Skills Camp.  Grades 3rd--8th, boys and girls.



All sessions at Summit Ridge  Middle School :

11809 W. Coal Mine Road, Littleton, CO



  • $130 per session
  • $100 for siblings (2 kids in family $230)
  • For those interested in attending multiple sessions, cost is $100 for each additional session
  • If you come all day plan on bringing a lunch
  • $30 Daily Drop-in 


  • Session 1 June 4-7 9-11:30 AM
  • Session 2 June 4-7 12-2:30 PM
  • Session 3 June 11-15 9-11:30 AM
  • Session 4 June 11-15 12-2:30 PM

6 days a week group training sessions

group sessions



Group sessions include anywhere from 15 to 30 players. It is during group sessions that the major development takes place. During these sessions the player is matched against other players and they are compelled to display the skills they are learning or have learned. Each session includes a focus on learning 4-5 different specific skills.

Basketball is a game of repetition. You must practice skills over and over before you are competent and confident enough to transfer them into a game situation. There are no shortcuts in becoming a good player. It takes years of intense effort and dedication. During the group sessions everything is set up to test one player against another. Most of it is devoted to playing, half-court, full-court, 1 v 1, 1 v 2, 3 v 2. This is where you learn how to make decisions on the fly, on the run; when someone is in your face. When to shoot, when to pass—that is the ultimate and defining measure of a player.

Anyone from 4th grade to 12th grade is welcome. Sessions are coed. 



  • Drop In: $25
  • Unlimited monthly: $145
  • Sibling monthly discount: 2nd child $90 



Increase your basketball IQ exponentially with PGU

point guard university



This program is for ALL sizes. There are no positions in basketball. At PGU you will learn the nuances of the game from the point guard position. Everything I teach here will help you understand the game better and you’ll be able to employ each skill in fluid game situations.

In the curriculum: screen/roll, pick and kick, skip passes, lob passes, entry passes, bounce passes, screen away, slip screen, proper spacing, keeping dribble alive, splitting two defenders, duck shoulder, dribble hand-off, reading eyes on defense, penetrate and dish, duck-in steal, overplaying strong hand, weak hand passing, timing the crossover, deflection techniques, shooting off screen, no look pass, dribbling with head up, advancing ball on fast break, anticipatory passes, backdoor,Swim move,  basket cuts, give and go, 2v1, 3v2, secondary break, defending your position, the art of the double team, ball denial, scoring options with a variety of moves, shot fake slide into shot (Klay Thompson-Steph Curry).

PGU is open to players 4th-12th grades. It is coed. Players will be divided by age and separated by no more than two grades. 



  • 5 One Hour Sessions: $205
  • 5 One Hour Sessions + 5 weeks of group: $255



individual and group

shooting clinic



Learn the fundamentals of shooting with the emphasis on proper mechanics: feet, legs, shoulders, release point, steps, follow through, hand discipline and placement, body balance, muscle memory; all the fine distinctions that make an accurate shooter.

Every Saturday at 10:30 am during the school year, I will conduct a comprehensive shooting clinic in a small group setting focusing on proper techniques including hand placement, release point, correct footwork, follow through and developing new muscle memory to replace the old. I take video before instruction and after instruction to highlight the dramatic difference. I will email the documentation so player and families can use video for permanent reference.  

Also available for team shooting sessions.



  • Monday Shooting Clinic One Session: $50
  • Monday Shooting Clinic Refresher: $30
  • Individual 1 hour Shooting Session $100
  • Team Shooting Clinic: $40 per player


  • Shooting Clinic every Monday (during school year) from 4:00-5:15 PM
  • Summer Shooting Clinic once a week, time and place communicated through newsletter
  • Collegiate Academy Gym: 8420 S Sangre De Cristo Rd
    Littleton, CO 80127
  • Individual/Team Clinics TBD

hone your skills during the off-season with

high school skills



Starting March 7, and continuing through November 1 The Edge will offer High School only skills training three days a week–Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 4-5 at Collegiate Academy.  The sessions are coed and designed for the high school player to maintain and enhance their skill set. At every session the first 30 minutes are devoted to skill building and the last half hour to scrimmaging. 



  • 12-14 Sessions a Month: $130
  • Per Session: $25



10 sessions of one-on-one training to get you skills

individual training

chelsea-ferenando-196955 (1).jpg


During the course of the sessions I will teach the player dozens of ways to create a shot and to beat a defender. The key to becoming a good player, the most important attribute, is skill with the ball. If a player can handle the ball with confidence under pressure, he/she will earn playing time and enhance your value to your team by becoming a skilled scorer. Confidence with the ball takes time and my method and teaching fosters the development of the player.

I highly encourage a strong commitment to my daily Group Sessions to maximize the development that begins with Individual Training. Think of it like this; Individual Training is akin to French I and in Group Training you READ French. Become fluent in basketball.



  • 10 One-Hour Sessions: $1,020


  • Scheduled when booked

2 players at a time for hour long sessions

buddy system



5 or 10 one hour sessions covering all the skills acquired in the Individual Skills Training. Bring a friend or teammate and share costs.



  • 5 One-Hour Sessions: $255 (each player)
  • 10 One-Hour Sessions: $510 (each player)


  • Scheduled when booked