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I am excited to present a new Edge skills programs especially geared to  expedite skill development in a super fun atmosphere. I am calling it 2x2.

Here is the skinny:

  • 2x2 is for players from 7th-12th grade.

  • I'll work with the same FOUR players over the course of five one hour sessions in a semi-private atmosphere.

  • The makeup of the four players could be two 7th graders with two 10th graders as long as each pair is similar in age/skill/physical maturity or it could be four 8th graders or four seniors. As long as each player has a match it will work. An ideal situation would be two to four players from the same team but that will might not be the case and it will be four random kids.

  • The sessions will consist of learning and mastering 2-3 skills per session. I will teach the skills in painstaking detail the first thirty minutes and for the final thirty minutes the kids will play spirited games of 2v2, immediately putting their newly learned skills into effect under my watchful eye.

  • I will demand that the four players try the newly learned skills during the playing portion of the sessions and get them out of their comfort zones. It's OK to fail while learning. It's the only way to get better and master sophisticated moves. The guarantee: if learned and executed properly you WILL score with these skills.

  • At the end of the five sessions, each player should have a mastery of 10-15 transferable skills.

  • Cost is $250 per kid for the five hours. If you want to do group as well it's an additional $75 for thirty days of group.

Who is 2x2 for?  Serious players who want to play in high school or for high schoolers who want to take their game (dare I say it) to the next level.

Imagine in five hours time crystallizing 10-15 go-to moves and having the confidence to use the gained skills in a game.

Until November 1st when my high school program ends the 2x2 sessions will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4 and Saturdays at 9:15. 

This is a COED program so girls will mix with boys just like my other groups.

This is a great program for kids from a team who want to learn together and improve their team's chances to become a winning squad. 

Contact me ASAP if you are interested. 

Keep in mind that this will be an ongoing program. I hope to do one a month.

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