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revolutionary basketball skills training that makes you go "wow!"

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From daily group workouts and Saturday Shooting Clinics to High School Skills Training Sessions, determine what training is best for your baller.


this week's workouts 3/18/19


  • Monday 5:00 at Collegiate Academy

  • Tuesday No Group

  • Wednesday 5:00 at Collegiate Academy

  • Thursday 5:00 at Summit Ridge Middle School

  • Friday 5:00 at Collegiate Academy

  • Saturday 12:00 preceded by Shooting Clinic** at 10:30 Deer Creek Church

    **Reservations Only


  • Monday 3:45 at Deer Creek Church

  • Wednesday 3:45 at Deer Creek Church

  • Friday 3:45 at Deer Creek Church

    *NOTE: No Group on Tuesday. Thursday Regular Group will be held at Summit Ridge Middle School.


the edge philosophy

You only get out of the game what you put into it.

It takes years of hard work to become a good player and it takes much more work on top of that to become a great player. The Edge will help show you the way but it is up to you how good you will become.

Get acquainted with the ball. Make it your best friend and constant companion. Spend at least ten minutes a day just dribbling. Right hand, left hand. Between the legs. Behind the back. You must be as good with your left hand as you are with your right. The ball must feel like an extension of your fingers and hand. It should be like a Yo-yo. If you master ball handling there is always a place for you on a team. You have to work every day on handling the ball. If you do, you will see a huge improvement in your overall game.

always bring one thing to your workout:
PASSION. It will take you a long way.
— words of advice
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