Point Guard University

Point Guard University

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This program is for ALL sizes. There are no positions in basketball. At PGU you will learn the nuances of the game from the point guard position. Everything I teach here will help you understand the game better and you’ll be able to employ each skill in fluid game situations.

In the curriculum: screen/roll, pick and kick, skip passes, lob passes, entry passes, bounce passes, screen away, slip screen, proper spacing, keeping dribble alive, splitting two defenders, duck shoulder, dribble hand-off, reading eyes on defense, penetrate and dish, duck-in steal, overplaying strong hand, weak hand passing, timing the crossover, deflection techniques, shooting off screen, no look pass, dribbling with head up, advancing ball on fast break, anticipatory passes, backdoor,Swim move,  basket cuts, give and go, 2v1, 3v2, secondary break, defending your position, the art of the double team, ball denial, scoring options with a variety of moves, shot fake slide into shot (Klay Thompson-Steph Curry).

PGU is open to players 4th-12th grades. It is coed. Players will be divided by age and separated by no more than two grades. 

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